Owen denies he is dating his 'fan'

It was the second time he was hanging out with her

In Summary

• Eve and Owen had shared a photo from the same location online

Eve and Daddy Owen
Eve and Daddy Owen

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has rubbished claims he is dating his close friend Eve Maina.

This is after fans noticed they had shared a photo from the same location.

In her photo, Eve said she was ready to let go in 2023.

"I am not slowing down for anybody."

Owen said God finds people even amid any trouble. Speaking to Word Is, Owen said Eve is just a friend.

"She is dating and I have no intentions of dating her. We have been friends for long," he said.

In that particular photo, we were just hanging out plus with other people.

In October 2022, Owen shared a photo with Eve, wearing a matching outfit and referring to her as a fan.

He joked about the photo and said Eve posed with a stern face.

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