They kissed? Diamond, Zuchu relationship baffles mum

She said it was news to her how their romance has advanced

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• Zuchu's mother Khadija Kopa is not aware if Diamond is dating her daughter

Zuchu with her mum Khadija Kopa
Zuchu with her mum Khadija Kopa

Zuchu's mother Khadija Kopa insists she does not recognise Diamond's relationship with his daughter.

The popular Taarab singer was recently asked to speak about the viral video of Diamond kissing Zuchu at a gym.

Kopa said it was news to her.

"I don't know anything about her relationship. I didn't see the videos and I only heard people talking about them," she said.

She added that she is ready to receive any man Zuchu brings home.

"She's a woman like any other; if a man comes, she'll get married to him. Marriage is a good thing because we love weddings rather than fornication."

In a past interview, Khadija Kopa said Diamond has never gone to introduce himself as her son-in-law.

Asked if her daughter told her she is dating Diamond Platnumz, Kopa said she was not aware.

"She has not told me because of where I stand. She can tell me if she wants to get married. That's what she can tell me."

A few weeks ago, Diamond showered Zuchu with a cute message, reminding her she is super talented and has all the potential to go international.

It was then that he leaked their romantic photos.

The video shows Diamond lovingly comforting Zuchu as he hugs her and whispers something to her.

They are in a gym sitting on a bench, cuddling.

He then kisses Zuchu and then holds her waist, massaging it.

The person recording is also whispering how much he is happy to see the couple share a cosy moment.

Another person behind the camera laughs amused at the situation.

Diamond further encouraged Zuchu to keep pushing, reminding her that it will not get easy.

The 'African Queen' singer referred to Zuchu as an artiste who is super creative and gifted in her career.

He then made a prayer to God to always give Zuchu wisdom to overcome all life challenges as he reminded her that he will always love her.

After seeing her lover's message, Zuchu said she would continue screaming to the world about him.

"Love, Thank you for everything. You are my favourite person. Thank you so much. May Allah keep you happy and healthy for all of us. Love you so much."

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