Rose Muhando reveals 'secrets' in new song

She vows no retreat, no surrender to alleged witchcraft and trolling

In Summary

• Muhando talks about defeating people's secret agendas, among them is witchcraft

Rose Muhando
Gospel singer Rose Muhando

Gospel singer Rose Muhando says people used her in her latest song, 'Secret Agenda'.

Muhando talks about defeating people's secret agendas, including witchcraft.

In the video, Rose shows a man holding a bowl and standing in water. Her face appears inside the bowl and he gasps.

"There are plans your enemies are planning in the dark, now God is going to reverse the agenda, he is going to turn curses into blessings, sickness to health and prosperity, and poverty to riches," she sang.

She adds about her triumph over difficult circumstances. 

"We are fighters. We shall demolish those agendas in Jesus's Name."

She also talked about going viral and being mocked.

"I am a fighter, my enemies are only left with videos, nitapindua agenda, nitaharibu agenda. No retreat, no surrender."

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