Mama Dangote celebrates 'daughter-in-law' Zuchu

Singer confirmed long-swirling rumours in a viral TikTok

In Summary

• Mama Dangote was celebrating Zuchu on her birthday

Diamond and Zuchu
Diamond and Zuchu

Days after Zuchu confirmed she is dating Diamond in a now viral TikTok video, his mum referred to her as daughter-in-law.

Mama Dangote was celebrating Zuchu on her birthday.

"Nakutakia maisha marefu yenye Baraka. Ma mkwe Zuhura Othman," she said.

In a TikTok video with her friend, Zuchu was asked point-blank whether Diamond is her boyfriend.

"Is this him?" Her friend asked while showing the musician a picture of Diamond. Zuchu looked at the picture before admitting that he is indeed her lover.

"Yes, that is my 'boyfriend'," Zuchu said. Her friend showed Zuchu that she was enjoying their love.

"Eish, you better be happy Chummy, are you satisfied? Are you happy?" he asked. 

"I'm drowning in a pool of love," Zuchu said.

Diamond and Zuchu started dating early this year.

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