DJ Krowbar's wife has acute kidney injury

He asked fans to pray for her as seven-month ordeal persists

In Summary

• Krowgbar said the diagnosis that has drained the family as she has to be on dialysis. 

DJ Krogbar with his wife Wanjiru
DJ Krogbar with his wife Wanjiru

Former Tukuza show host Fredrick Ngatia, aka DJ Krowbar, celebrated his wife's birthday with thanksgiving.

Krowbar said his wife Wanjiru Karumba had been diagnosed with acute kidney Injury, a diagnosis that has drained the family as she has to be on dialysis. 

Taking to his socials, Krowbar shared a photo of his wife in hospital, saying she was diagnosed in April.

"This means her kidneys are functioning below 15 per cent, and we began a journey that took many weeks for us to accept the sad reality: dialysis," he wrote.

"If we hadn’t gone to the hospital the day we went, today would have been a different story.

"So, for the last seven months, we have followed the instructions from medical practitioners as we faith the rest of this journey."

He added that the waiting journey has not been easy, further asking his fans to pray for his wife.

He hoped that their resilience will be a testimony for many others.

Acute kidney injury is when your kidneys suddenly stop working properly.

It can range from minor loss of kidney function to complete kidney failure.

It normally happens as a complication of another serious illness. 

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