Wahu criticises pregnancy fuss

She is tired of people asking if she is still pregnant

In Summary

• Wahu said most people can see a pregnant woman and still ask if they are pregnant

Singer Wahu
Singer Wahu
Image: courtesy

Pregnant Wahu is not happy with people who are asking her if she has not given birth.

She is expecting her third child with Nameless.

Through her Facebook page, Wahu said most people would see a pregnant woman and still ask if they are pregnant.

"The most annoying question to ask a pregnant woman is: 'Bado?'" Wahu said.

She went ahead to answer the question sarcastically. "Zi... nilizaa. Nikushiba nimeshiba."

Media personality Janet Mbugua was baffled.

"Why are people like that, though? I used to get asked, 'You’re still pregnant?' Or be told, 'You’re too pregnant.' Shida ni wapi?" she said.

Kambua highlighted things people should stop asking pregnant women.

These included wanting to touch a pregnant woman's belly and asking them whether they will have a natural birth or CS.

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