‘Being real’ keeps Njugush relevant

He welcomed competition, saying it relieves pressure to create content

In Summary

• He says staying authentic in his craft is the trick to his longevity

Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush

Comedian Njugush says staying authentic in his craft has made him stay relevant in the entertainment industry.

Njugush, who started out on TV, said he is currently working with countless brands.

"We are authentic in what we do. There can be only one Njugush. I am not afraid of the new crop of content creators. When people are many, things get better," he said.

Njugush added that the more creatives are many in the industry, the better things get.

"We talk about different platforms right now. Right now people have a variety of content to watch online, which also does not pressure us in creating content."

Njugush said he has a company where he works with various people.

"Despite being a comedian, I am a content creator and I do a lot behind the scenes. We have a company that employs young people," he said, adding that he will launch it when the right time comes.

Asked if he thinks online outshines mainstream media, Njugush said mainstream is more trusted by many people.

"A person who creates content on TV has a huge mass than that person who is creating online," he said.

"Online media is only very fast sometimes but we still need the mainstream to push ourselves even as creatives."

Njugush said more jobs came after the President was sworn in. He praised Nairobi Governor Sakaja for exempting freelance photographers and filmmakers from paying for business permits.

Njugush said removing the licences for filmmakers will create opportunities for young people.

"There was a lot of double taxation and that hurt many creatives. We will be happy if they create more spaces for creatives to showcase their work rather than hiring spaces."

Governor Johnson Sakaja last week said he will direct the amendment of “archaic” laws, which he said have inhibited photography, videography, film and the broader creative industry in Nairobi.

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