TikTokers assist in sign language

Kenyan creators are promoting its use with tutorials, interpretations

In Summary

• Today, Friday the 23rd, is the International Day of Sign Languages


Today, the world commemorates International Day of Sign Languages, raising awareness around the importance of human rights among the deaf community.

Kenyan TikTok creators are doing their part, playing an instrumental role in raising public awareness through their content on the platform.

The instructive content community offers simple and fun explanations, tutorials, and interpretations of codes.

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok content operations manager for Africa, says the platform acknowledges the importance of embracing different communities.

"We remain committed to promoting the different ways in which people can teach each other about sign language and how to use this medium of communication in all spheres of life."

Boniswa says users have also begun recognising some of the outstanding interpreters, pointing to the rising recognition and promotion of sign language.

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