Hamisa questions Diamond support

She denied he 'pours money' on her after ignoring kid's birthday

In Summary

• Socialite got tetchy in interview about star's support, dismissing his friend's claims 

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto
Image: courtesy

Diamond Platnumz's baby mama Hamisa Mobetto has accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

Diamond's close friend Baba Levo defended him, saying he sends money to Hamisa to take care of their son.

"We have proof that the boss spends money on you," Levo said.

To which Hamisa responded, "Which boss are you referring to, to begin with? And where does he pour the money? Maybe I can escort you to go pick it up." 

Diamond ignored his son with Hamisa Mobetto on his fifth birthday early this month.

Asked why, the mother of two said that question is better answered by the singer.

Asked if Diamond is taking care of his child, Hamisa said, "I do not want to get into details." 

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