Ommy Dimpoz refuses to be associated with his dad

He left his mum to raise him but now wants a share of his success

In Summary

• Ommy Dimpoz recounted being raised by his mum after his dad neglected him

Ommy Dimpoz
Ommy Dimpoz

Tanzania singer Ommy Dimpoz has called out his deadbeat dad after he alleged the singer had neglected him.

The 'Me and You' hitmaker was responding to videos doing the rounds on social media with his dad tarnishing his name.

Ommy Dimpoz said he was raised by his mum after his dad neglected him.

Ommy said when his mum died, his dad did not bother to come and pay his respects nor mourn the woman he claimed to love.

The man only wants to be associated with him since he is successful, he said.

"I want people to understand that in my life, I have never had any closeness with my father," he said.

"The last time I met my dad was 20 years ago."

He urged all parents to show their kids, love, support and care.

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