Elsa shuns Kenya after online hate

She told Forbes she will never return from US after 'colorist' cyberbullying

In Summary

• She told Forbes Kenyan on Twitter were bullying her with racism remarks 

Comedian Elsa Majimbo
Comedian Elsa Majimbo
Image: Courtesy

Comedian Elsa Majimbo says the reason she will never come back to Kenya is that most Kenyans wanted her downfall.

The 21-year-old content creator went viral globally through videos posted on her digital platforms at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

She told Forbes KOT were bullying her about her skin colour and "praying for my downfall".

"I have a very complicated relationship with Nairobi," she said.

"When things started going well for me, there was a lot of backlash to me and there were a lot of colorist things said towards me and surprisingly, it's people from Kenya who were doing that and they were bullying me on the Internet."

Earlier on, Majimbo said people think she is dumb and try to undercut her but she knows her worth.

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