I regret shaming mum — Akothee

Her mum had to call the cops on her after she left school for marriage

In Summary

• She was a stubborn, rebellious child who eloped as a teenager for early marriage 

Akothee with her mum
Akothee with her mum

Singer Akothee says her mother called the cops on her after she dropped out of school to get married.

While paying tribute to her, Akothee said she regrets embarrassing her mum in front of her workmates, colleagues and the community.

"I ran away from school with all my belongings. I went to get married at 14 years," she said.

"I was her firstborn intelligent daughter but a stubborn, rebellious child. I was just a music lover and a dancer, nothing more."

Akothee said the fundamentals of Christianity and the upbringing her mum instilled in her are what have kept her.

"She still beats me until now and I still tremble introducing my new lover to her," she said, adding that her mother only recognises Akothee's first baby daddy.

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