Threats drove Dorea Chege out of the Woman Rep race

She tested the waters with a poster but backed out after intimidation

In Summary

• Dorea's ambitions were to run for the Nairobi woman representative seat

Maria Actress Dorea Chege
Maria Actress Dorea Chege
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Former 'Maria' actress Dorea Chege quit politics after she started receiving threats.

Dorea's ambitions were to run for the Nairobi woman representative seat.

Speaking to Buzz Central, the actress said she was offered bribes to step down.

"I became serious until when I started receiving threats," she said.

The actress explained that her phone was buzzing with calls and messages from people trying to discourage her from vying.

"People approached me and they told me they are willing to give me a certain amount of money for me to step down, while others wanted me to help them with campaigns," she said.

"I was not sure of what I wanted plus I wasn’t ready to deal with all those threats, so I backed out."

Dorea said it all started as a joke when her videographer asked her whether she ever thought of being a politician.

"My videographer then made a poster and he asked me to post it as a joke. I wanted to see people’s reaction," she said.

She said the poster went viral and she started receiving calls from her family, friends and other politicians.

"It went viral to an extent my grandfather was calling me from the village, asking me what’s up, and my mum called me to tell me that I could do it," she said.

"I received so many DMs from politicians because it went viral, with people encouraging me, and I felt like I was going to do it," she said.

"Sometimes you never know how much influence you have on people until you do something and it reveals just how much influence you have."

Dorea said she was involved in leadership roles since primary school.

"I’ve always been a prefect and even in my relationships and in the house, I always feel like I am the leader in everything," she said.

She said her political dreams are not over but only took a break.

"Now, I have seen how things run, and I will try it next time and become serious about it."

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