Celebrities send peace messages ahead of poll

They called for UhuRuto ceasefire to avoid inciting emotions in heated race

In Summary

• Willis Raburu urged voters to make a sober decision not based on tribe or fanaticism but on issues and a better tomorrow. 

Celebrities sending peace messages
Celebrities sending peace messages
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As we look forward to casting our votes in next Tuesday's General Election, Kenyan celebrities have sent their peace message to citizens.

Those who spoke to Word Is encouraged voters to exercise their democratic right in a peaceful way.

Popular DJ Mo said people should vote wisely and not for the hype.

"Kenyans should remember that after elections, we will remain to be Kenyans. Don’t engage yourself in fights for someone who doesn’t care about you. Vote for the ones you believe can bring change."

Comedian Njugush spoke about the character of politicians.

"Kenyan Wasipo vote watu wako na intention mbaya ndio watapigia mtu wao..."

DJ Creme said election day will pass.

"Just as every other thing does, but what’s always going to be a constant is that we are Kenyans and Together we Stand."

Mugiithi singer Samidoh said Kenyans should remember politicians are friends.

"Let’s all exercise the democratic right wisely and with a lot of calmness," he said.

"I would like to remind my fellow Kenyans that no matter our political affiliation, your neighbour remains your closest help in times of need, hence it is good to maintain peace."

Samidoh urged Kenyans not to be divided by political parties.

"It is good to keep in mind that these leaders are friends and will keep it that way no matter which party they are in since they understand it’s all about which party has their best interest," he said.

"Voting and maintaining peace is all I urge my fans and Kenyans at large. We are a hardworking nation and maintaining peace means we all go back to normalcy immediately."

Media personality Willis Raburu urged voters to make a sober decision not based on tribe or fanaticism but on issues and a better tomorrow. "Remember whoever you put in and on any level will be your custodian for five years. Make the right decision," he said.

Raburu said commenting on the political rhetoric between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto sets a dangerous precedent. He encouraged the two leaders to steer clear from anything that can stoke emotions in this already high-stakes election.

"Not all Kenyans are able to distinguish between rhetoric and sift through the murky waters of political barbs," he said.

"The negative effect is that it draws our attention away from the real issues of alleviating poverty, enhancing healthcare and making life better for Kenyans."

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