Ad used my song illegally — Nonini

He threatened to sue company for using 'We Kamu' without his consent

In Summary

• Nonini said his lawyers have reached out to the company

Genge artiste Nonini
Genge artiste Nonini
Image: Courtesy

US-based Kenyan musician Nonini has threatened to sue media influencer Brian Mutinga and Syinix electronics for illegally using his song 'We Kamu' in an advert in April.

In it, a woman is welcomed to a building while Nonini's song is playing in the background.

A legal document shared by Nonini on social media said the video was marketing the company with his song without his consent.

"A synchronisation licence is required no matter how small a portion of the song you use, especially for commercial purposes," Nonini said.

His lawyers have reached out to the company.

"They admit they were in the wrong then we can open up discussions to settle out of court. Come to an amicable solution. Sometimes they ignore, and you have to file a case in court."

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