Juliani's song to explain his past

We start living when we stop surviving and begin exercising our freedom, he said

In Summary

• Juliani talked about his goal of 'Dying with Nothing'


Rapper Juliani is set to release a song that explains his past years.

In a post on social media, the rapper talked about his goal of 'Dying with Nothing'.

"Until now, the experiment has cost me dearly as written in one of my songs, 'Sifuati population, angalia footprints iko the other direction'." At the same time, it has given me a magical experience," he wrote.  

"Mid-2021, when I first met my wife. I shared with her my goal of dying with nothing. Nothing to my name, no possession, if possible to disappear on the horizon as if I was never here."

Juliani also talked about achieving most of his dreams, from being a rapper in Dandora to a renowned artiste, "a journey of finding my place and voice in the world," he wrote.