Tanasha slams 'lies and gossip' about her body

She hates responding to stories with ‘no receipt’

In Summary

• Tanasha said that those who spread the lies have no receipts

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna
Image: courtesy

Tanasha Donna says the reason she has never addressed some allegations about her online is becasue they are fake stories.

Speaking to Kiss FM, Tanasha said those who spread the lies have no receipts.

"I hate answering questions about fake news and lies and gossip," she said.

"Things that have no receipts, things that have no meaning. I don’t mind answering some personal questions but not those that are based off of lies."

In November last year, Risper Faith called out Tanasha for allegedly failing to pay for her cosmetic surgery.

Risper alleged that Tanasha approached her, inquiring about cosmetic surgery and her experience.

Risper said she then connected Tanasha to a Kenyan cosmetic surgery clinic for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure.

Tanasha also talked about having social anxiety.

"I used to have that, not anymore, but I realised it is all about confidence."

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