Why Chameleon was nabbed in SA

Aggrieved promoter demanded a refund of Sh588,000

In Summary

• SA-based promoter Zaina Muwonge cited a breach of contract seven years ago

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone
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Ugandan singer Jose Chameleon almost missed a show in South Africa after he was arrested.

Chameleone was held by police at a hotel in Sandton, South Africa, before his performance.

The singer was hunted by SA-based promoter Zaina Muwonge over a breach of contract seven years ago. She demanding a refund of Sh588,000.

Muwonge wanted him arrested for skipping a show she organised and paid for in 2015.

Jose lashed out on social media. "All this meant to intimidate and fail a fellow Ugandan in the name of self-interest?"

Chameleone was supposed to headline performances at an event in Randburg, South Africa, on Saturday night.

His posters were burnt and protestors wanted the show cancelled. Chameleon was later allowed to perform.

"Thank you all special people and the spirited promoters with whom we beat the odds."