Diamond's sister dating a wealthy American man

That one who has money is my medicine, she said of him

In Summary

• Esma is moving on after short-lived marriage to Msizwa as the third wife

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Diamond's sister Esma Platnumz is in another happy and private relationship.

In an interview with Juma Lokole on Wasafi radio, Esma said her new man is a wealthy American identified as Said.

She also said Mama Dangote has accepted her new 'son-in-law'.

"They talk a lot over the phone. In fact, they do video calls. They talk, they greet each other on call," she said.

Esma said Diamond was happy for her.

"He doesn't know too much about him, anamjua kwa umbali," she said.

She explained the reason she wanted a rich man.

"That one who has money is my medicine. Those other ones we use them, but a man with money..."

Asked whether she wants to get married to her new bae, she said, "I am not marriage material. I am not even thinking about marriage."

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