Jalang'o hunting for employees who stole from him

Langata MP aspirant has offered 100k for any info leading to their capture

In Summary

• He says the two workers took money from a car they were washing and fled

Jalang'os employees Morris Litiema and Eli Khumudu
Jalang'os employees Morris Litiema and Eli Khumudu
Image: courtesy

Langata MP aspirant Jalang'o has offered Sh100,000 for any information leading to the capture of two employees he accuses of theft.

"This morning [Saturday], Eli Khumudu and Morris Litiema stole money from the car they were washing at home. Their phones are off and they are running with their families," he wrote.

"If you see them, please contact 0722915337 or report at the nearest police station."

In a past interview on YouTube, the two said they would never steal from their boss.

"Our boss, Jalang'o even leaves millions in his car but we can't touch them. Our faithfulness has made our stay with Jalang'o. You wait for your salary at the end of the month."

This comes after Litiema demanded Sh5 million from Sauti Sol after Bien allegedly used his photo as a meme.

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