Kate actress only attends paid gigs

She skipped Fenty Beauty's launch due to a conflict of interest

In Summary

• Fans put her on the spot after she graced one event but ignored another

Actress Catherine Kamau
Actress Catherine Kamau
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Actress Catherine Kamau says she cannot attend any unpaid gig.

She was conspicuous by her absence at Rihanna's Fenty product launch.

Kate cited a conflict of interest as she also has a beauty company.

However, on Saturday after she attended the L'Oréal product launch, she was tasked to respond why she chose to attend the event yet it is also an international brand.

A fan asked, "What is the difference between the two brands?"

Kate responded, "L'Oréal has paid me!"

Huddah said influencers ignore Kenyan brands or show less support.

"While your local shea butter seller is asking to pay you 15k for just a 30 seconds reel or just a post and you refuse. They are still winning. Keep on guys. The sky is not the limit," she said.

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