YY irks fans with video of sick wife

Fans felt he was being insensitive and doing a promotion

In Summary

• Comic earned ire after sharing video on Instagram

Comedian YY
Comedian YY

Comedian YY was yesterday blasted for recording his wife, who was struggling in hospital.

In a video shared on Instagram, YY said his wife fell sick and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

"3am last night got us. I was so scared @marya_okoth couldn’t breathe…," he captioned the video.

YY, who is promoting a certain hospital in town, angered his fans, who said the video was unnecessary as his wife's life mattered more than the advert.

A fan identified as jeanetteatieno31 wrote, "And you had the time to record and someone wasn't breathing at 3 am? Lost nation."

chief_mzazi: We don't pray for sickness but if it strikes, you won't find time to film. Usicheze na ugonjwa, ask around what it means. Anyway promotion lazima ipigwe."