Man goes on a rant, demands payment from Bien for using 'his photo'

Bien posted a photo that ridiculed those who unsubscribed from their YouTube channel.

In Summary

•Bien posted a photo that ridiculed those who unsubscribed from their YouTube channel.

•Litiema now wants Sauti Sol to compensate him for using his photo and the damages.

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Morrison Litiema, who claims to be Jalango's domestic worker, has called out Sauti Sol's Bien Baraza for using his photo without his consent.

In what seemed to be a comment made on a lighter note, Bien had posted a photo that ridiculed those who unsubscribed from their YouTube channel.

The band had lost some 2,000 subscribers on Youtube following their spat with the Azimio camp after they used Sauti Sol's song Extravaganza while unveiling Martha Karua as Raila Odinga’s running mate on Monday.

The channel had 905k YouTube subscribers on Tuesday night and 903k subscribers on Wednesday morning.

But Litiema has now come out to demand compensation after Bien shared a meme of a man who is in a bedsitter with the caption; ‘I am unsubscribing @Sautisol chilling in the crib.’

Litiema claimed the photo used was his and it had caused him emotional damage since it reminded him of his difficult past that he did not want to remember.

“To my dear brother, Bien, it was out of order to use my image without my consent. I have received negative criticism from different persons claiming that I don’t support local artists. Let it be known that I have never unsubscribed or unfollowed your YouTube or any social media account,” Litiema said.

Litiema is now demanding his share of compensation even after the Azimio and the band's fight elicited legal battles between MCSK and Kenya Copyright Board.

KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei had said the coalition had no right to use the band's soundtrack with a visual image.

"The coalition only obtained a Public Performance License that allows them to only play local and international music at its rallies and events," Sigei said.

On the other hand, MCSK director Ezekiel Mutua said the Azimio coalition was licenced to use any song including that of Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol in his campaigns.

Mutua said the campaign team for Raila Odinga had the right to use the music since it had been licensed by MCSK at a cost of more than Sh560,000 to use local and international songs until May next year.

But the band has been on the receiving end after they threatened to sue Azimio for using their song without consent.

The band had said the act of Azimio using their song without consent is blatant copyright infringement as directed by section 35, CAP 170 of the Copyright Act of Kenya.

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