Diamond set to buy private jet

Crediting his management, he said 'we party hard'

In Summary

• Diamond already owns a Rolls Royce black bedge, now wants to add jet

Diamond Platinumz
Diamond Platinumz

Diamond Platnumz says he is buying a private jet. Taking to Instagram to wish his manager a happy birthday, he credited his success to his management.

"We bought a 2021 Rolls Royce black bedge zero kilometre last year and we are buying a private jet this year," he said.

"That's the definition of having the Best management. It's my manager's birthday and we party hard."

In the past, the Tanzanian singer referred to himself as the 'Rolls Royce musician from East Africa'. Asked why, he said the car is his favourite.

Diamond denied the car was second-hand.

''Don't get it twisted, I have only used my car twice since I bought it. When I went to pick it and when going to the airport leaving for South Africa."