Harmonize eyes tobacco industry

He wants a slice of the $3.88 billion Tanzanian market

In Summary

• Harmonize shared sample photos of the cigarette brand he intends to introduce

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Bongo star Harmonize plans to venture into the tobacco business.

He shared sample photos of his cigarette brand that he intends to bring into the Tanzanian market on Instagram.

The 'Atarudi' hitmaker said he was looking for investors to make his 'Tembo cigarette' dream come true.

Harmonize added that 'Tembo cigarette' will source all the tobacco from local farmers, which he says can be a Tanzanian-owned and run company.

TobaccoTactics reports that the tobacco market in the Bongo nation was worth $3.88 billion as of 2019.

A few years back, Harmonize was made the brand ambassador of Mastermind Tobacco Limited in Tanzania.

Harmonize is the founder and CEO of Konde Music Worldwide, a record label that has signed several artistes.