Milly Chebby not over last delivery

She is still reeling from postpartum, cracked nipples from firstborn

In Summary

• Fans have been pressuring her to get another baby for husband Terence Creative

Milly Chebby
Milly Chebby
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Content creator Milly Chebby says having kids is a very personal journey.

She was responding to fans who have been pressuring her to get another baby for her husband Terence Creative.

The couple had a Q and A session on Milly Chebby's YouTube channel.

Milly Chebby said for the last three years, she has been recovering from traumas she went through before and after she got her daughter Milla.

"For me it has taken time to recover from my first experience," she said.

"I had a miscarriage and my baby's pregnancy was such a rough journey, and then I got my baby (Milla) and she got sick.

"I have not recovered from postpartum, cracked nipples and so on."

She told her fans when the right time comes, she will get another baby.