How celebrities marked Mother's Day

They poured their hearts out on social media

In Summary

• Various celebrities took to the Internet to celebrate their mums

Wahu with her two daughters
Wahu with her two daughters
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As the world marked Mother's Day yesterday, Kenyan celebrities had something for the mums and maternal figures in their lives.

Gospel singer Daddy Owen described his mum as courageous, a teacher and his hero.

"I thank God for the perfect gift," he wrote. "She's the most important woman in my life.

"She fought so hard for us, making sure we eat well, we go to school, and we grow up with the highest form of discipline."

Comedian Njugush thanked his wife Celestine for taking care of the family without complaining.

"A lot on your shoulders but you don't complain."

Abel Mutua celebrated his wife for being a mother to many.

"Thank you love for being the absolute best.

Gukena FM's Kajim celebrated his wife for being an amazing mother to their little son.

"I’m so proud of how you coped with bringing our baby into the world. You are so strong."

Kabi Wa Jesus thanked his wife for never giving up on their family. "Our beautiful children remind me of your strength and beauty every single day."

Terryanne Chebet celebrated both mum and dads playing the role of a mother to their children.

"To single dads pulling double duty and raising their own. To our mums who taught us how to parent. To our nannies who love our children as their own. To aunties who step in at all stops. To sisters who love and care for our children."

Singer Wahu said being a mum gives her more happiness than anything else.

"Nothing has humbled me more than being a mum. Nothing has brought me closer to God than being a mum. Nothing has brought me closer to my own mum, than being a mum."