Rema talks up Naija solidarity

Nigerians support each other and travel widely, singer says

In Summary

• The 'Calm Down' hitmaker said Nigerians are able to leave their comfort zone

• He is s in the country for his much-anticipated concert tomorrow at Carnivore 

Nigerian singer Rema
Nigerian singer Rema

Nigerian singer Rema, who is in the country, said artistes from his country are doing well since they support each other.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the 'Calm Down' hitmaker said the ability to leave their comfort zone and travel worldwide also helps.

"We travel far away from home just to make sure we unlock a different territory to pass our message, you feel me," he said.

Rema said she would like to work with songbird Karun.

"Someone told me yesterday that she is not appreciated," he said.

"I feel like she is super talented and I feel like the whole world needs to hear her voice. The whole world needs to hear her story. I actually wanna work with her. She is special."