Artistes slam Ezekiel Mutua appointment

'Recycled' firebrand has gone from film to music boss

In Summary

• Ezekiel is known for criticising creatives’ works on his Facebook and Twitter accounts

New MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua
New MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua
Image: FILE

Former KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua's appointment as the new CEO of Music Copyright Society of Kenya has not gone down well with some artistes.

Mutua is expected to oversee the collection and distribution of royalties in public performances and broadcasting on behalf of the society's members.

Artistes have reacted to his appointment, with some saying they do not believe he will defend them.

This is since they did not have a good working relationship while he was the CEO of the Kenya Films and Classification Board.

Sauti Sol's Chimano termed it a process of recycling the same government officials.

Bien termed his appointment an 'elevation of mediocrity'.

"Ezekiel Mutua's appointment is a disappointment. What did he do for film? Kenya continues to elevate mediocrity. This is just sad."

Comedian Eric Omondi also rebuked Mutua's appointment, saying he will keep fighting with the former KFCB boss.

"Hii Kenya tunasonga steps mbili mbele, alafu kumi nyuma. Wembe itakua ni ile ile. Akileta unafiki tutafanya kama Will Smith," Eric Omondi said.

Ezekiel is known for largely criticising creatives’ works via his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After his dismissal from KFCB, he said he would positively welcome other appointments if deemed fit.

At the time of leaving office, Mutua was at odds with comedian Eric Omondi, who asked Mutua to apologise for his treatment of creatives.

"You cannot bite the hand that feeds you. We are your employers. I told you your only option was to apologise to the entertainment industry for your unfortunate remarks."

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