Daddy Owen: I was never violent against Rufftone

Ruffone said Owen carried a panga against him in 2007

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• Rufftone was explaining why he did not join ODM as his preferred outfit in his bid

Singer Daddy Owen
Singer Daddy Owen
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Gospel singer Daddy Owen has never been violent in any way whatsoever.

On Wednesday, he was a top-trending subject on social media after his brother Rufftone alleged that he once attempted to attack him after they differed politically.

He was explaining why he did not join ODM as his preferred outfit in his political bid.

"I was born in this country in Eastlands and even in 2007, I remember my blood brother was for ODM while I was in PNU," he said.

"But when we disagreed in the morning, Daddy Owen had to run to the streets with some of his friends with pangas, seeking to harm me."

Speaking to Word Is, Daddy Owen said Rufftone is still a newbie in the political arena hence prone to making a few mistakes.

He said he has never been a violent person nor has he ever confronted Rufftone, who is his elder brother.

"What I know is I have never carried a panga, never confronted my big brother (Rufftone) and he apologised yesterday. He said it was a mistake."

Owen added that there could have been moments they differed politically but it has never resulted in violence.

"Politics is politics, it is not always that you have the same stand, but it doesn't mean there are differences," he said.

"There are moments we have held political debates, but it is not the way he put it. I am not a violent person and I have never been a violent person."

Owen defended his brother, who is vying for a senatorial seat in Nairobi, saying he was under pressure.

"When I watched the interview, I felt like he was under pressure," he said.

"Lazima ujitetee kisiasa. I think he wanted to pass a message across but it came out badly."

Owen said he supports Rufftone's bid to vie for a political seat.

"I support Rufftone, but I am not active in politics, so it is not the way people would expect to see me out there campaigning. Sometimes I give him ideas. I am just not active in politics. I am a silent voter."

In December last year, Owen held a peace concert in Eldoret to preach peace to the youths ahead of the August general election.

He said he will speak the language of the youth by involving them in the event.