Is Diamond dating Wasafi's Zuchu?

They set the net abuzz with romantic Christmas photos

In Summary

• Zuchu's mother said it is not a bad thing if she gets a guy

Diamond and Zuchu
Diamond and Zuchu
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Khadija Kopa, the mother of Wasafi artiste Zuchu, has denied claims her daughter is dating Diamond Platnumz.

During Christmas weekend, Diamond got Zuchu all dressed up for a romantic dinner date.

He then shared videos from their red-themed date as he dedicated the songs 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran and 'What I Want For Christmas' to her.

That sparked the rumour that they could be dating. Rayvanny then shared a photo with Zuchu and wrote 'Shem', which fully translates to Shemeji, meaning 'in-law'.

Speaking during an interview with Mbengo TV, Khadija said the two are siblings, hence nothing romantic is going on.

"Diamond has always seen me as his mum even before my daughter joined Wasafi. I was shocked by the rumours, I even had to ask my daughter and she said she was not dating him," she said.

"When she was going to Wasafi, I took her there myself. Currently I do not know if she is dating. She is a girl so if she gets a guy, it's not a bad thing, provided he is a good man. For now, she wants to focus on her music."

Asked whether she would encourage the 'Nyumba Ndogo' hitmaker to get married as a second wife, Khadija said their religion allows that.

"We are Muslims and if she wants to get married as a second wife, then I do not see a problem," she said.

"As long her man is treating her well and does not beat her, then I am good with it. Our men are used to marrying more than one wife, tushazoea."