Becoming a mum most memorable for Aisha

Actor Mungai Mbaya's girlfriend is grateful despite losing the baby after a month

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• Spending time with her baby was 'the most magical month of my life'

Aisha with Mungai Mbaya
Aisha with Mungai Mbaya
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Aisha Mohammed, the girlfriend of actor Mungai Mbaya, has had a tough year after the two lost a son in June last year.

Mungai and his girlfriend Aisha lost their firstborn child a few hours after he turned a month old. 

In a touching tribute, Mungai reminisced the four weeks he spent with his son, and he said he brought happiness into his life.

And in a recent Q and A session with her fans on Instagram, Aisha said becoming a mum was the best thing that happened in 2021.

"Getting to meet him and spending time with him. That was the most magical month of my life. Being a mum will always be my biggest achievement."

When asked about her major plans for 2022 and if she is planning to get a baby, Aisha said the plan is to become a better version of herself.

"When will people stop asking women when they will have babies or more babies? It's very insensitive and inconsiderate. Do you think it's like taking a walk in the park or drinking water?" she said. 

"Being pregnant and having a baby takes a lot, especially from the woman, which I am not ready to do again. I am not physically, emotionally and mentally ready."

The 19-year-old Aisha also said she has dated her lover for close to three years.

She expressed her disappointment with some of her family members and friends who were unkind to her. 

"The number of inconsiderate things that have been said to me since the death of my child is just unbelievable," she said.

"I didn't know about this until I experienced it even from family members and close friends.

"Sometimes I felt like not saying anything about it to them as I was afraid of coming out rude to them or overreacting, but that just left more room for more disrespect."

She added that her pain and trauma had been disregarded a lot but all she cares about is taking of her mental health.