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Trio Mio to rap at Raila's launch

He said Raila 'hapangwingwi', neither should you

In Summary

• He is riding the waves with Sipangwingwi featuring Gengetone stars Exray and Ssaru

Rapper Trio Mio
Rapper Trio Mio
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'Sipangwingwi' hitmaker Trio Mio is set to perform at ODM leader Raila Odinga's mega event at Kasarani Stadium on Friday.

The fast-rising rapper, 17, came to the limelight in a video rapping to Fester Skank’s song by Lethal Bizzle.

In a message on social media, the ODM Party leader invited other Kenyans to turn up for the Azimio la Umoja National Convention.

"Trio Mio amecheza kama yeye, nanyi chezeni kama nyinyi #TukutaneKasa," he wrote.

Trio invited Kenyans to the event, where Raila is expected to launch his presidential campaign.

"I will be at Kasarani in a function of none other than Baba (Raila). Come and listen to the big announcement that he is going to reveal that special day. Kama kawa, yeye hapangwingwi...yeye ndio hupangana."