Why Harmonize shuns Diamond’s baby mamas

He said he tries all he can to respect Diamond but nothing works

In Summary

• The bongo star said he is avoiding beef with his former boss at WCB


Harmonize turned down requests by both Hamisa and Tanasha to collaborate with him musically.

In an interview with Mpalla Updates, Harmonize said he tries everything possible to avoid creating beef with his former boss Diamond Platinumz.

"Tanasha and Hamisa had also approached me to do songs with them but I refused because I did not want to make it look like I was trying to piss off Diamond."

Harmonize also refused a request to take a selfie with Zari as he did not want people to assume he wanted to date her.

"I talk to Hamisa, Tanasha, Zari but have you ever seen photos of them? I avoid taking photos with them so it does not look like I'm trying to snatch away his women," he said.

"Zari is a very good woman. I was in South Africa to shoot my video 'Bedroom'. I accidentally bumped into her (Zari). She saw me and wanted to take a photo but I pretended to be in a rush and left.

"By bad luck she was also traveling on the same plane I was on, so I told her I respect her a lot but I told her I could not take the photo since I did not want people to assume I had taken the photo because I had issues with Diamond."

Harmonize gushed about Diamond's baby mamas.

"They are all stars and are very good women but I'm trying all I can to stay away from doing anything that will cause beef between Diamond and I. I try all I can to respect him but nothing works unless I stop singing."

On his exit from WCB, Harmonize said he felt maligned by the management and efforts to address the matter amicably fell on deaf ears.

"I was chasing my dreams and in that process, people started thinking I wanted to overtake Diamond," he said.

"If you are keen enough, all artistes who have had problems with Diamond, the problem starts when they start shining. When they are still not popular, they are good friends. An example is Ommy Dimpoz. They were friends. I will speak since I do want people to see me as the bad person."

Harmonize also accused Diamond Platnumz of paying people to write stories painting him in a bad light.