Butita: Maybe Mammito forgot my birthday

She did not post him wishes after he sang her praises on Churchill Show

In Summary

• Butita said she is best placed to explain what happened after her seeming snub

Mammito and Eddie Butita
Mammito and Eddie Butita

Scriptwriter Eddie Butita doesn't understand why his lover comedian Mammito snubbed him on his birthday.

In a video shared on Mungai Eve's channel, Butita said she might have forgotten about him.

"The last time I checked, I only had control of my own social media page," he said.

"Anything that happens on other pages, I can’t control. I don’t know how she handles her social media. You know that she is a big artiste, she has like 40 people who handle her Instagram, so pengine wamesahau…pengine amesahau."

During Churchill Show's Journey Series aired on Sunday, Butita told Churchill he appreciates Mamitto so much.

Churchill urged him to respond to rumours. "Haiya, waambie vile wanataka kusikia juu ya Mammito."

Butita said, "Mammito is very talented. I really appreciate her and what she does. She is the greatest piece of art."