Emmanuel Jal celebrates South Sudan in 'Hey Mama'

He wants to bring the village he grew up in into the mainstream

In Summary

• Singer recently obtained Canadian citizenship

Emmanuel Jal
Emmanuel Jal

South Sudanese-Canadian singer Emmanuel Jal is set to release the visuals to 'Hey Mama' featuring Check B.

The former South Sudanese child soldier-turned-activist said the song is a dedication to his motherland. 

"We made a futuristic track just to imagine how the future of South Sudan will be. It goes my country is amazing. Hey Mama," he said.

The song is part of Jal's upcoming album, 'Shangah', set for May 2022. 

"My music is bringing the village I grew up in into the mainstream, modernising the South Sudanese sound with East African influences and authentic hip hop."

"In Shangah, there will be love songs sang in Naath language from South Sudan as well as catchy beats and influences that can be interpreted internationally."