Ignore fake account with MR T slurs, says Muhando

She warned against a copycat account spreading claims of her downfall

In Summary

• Singer clarified that her social media handles are 'Malkia Rose Muhando'

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando
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Gospel singer Rose Muhando has slammed a social media user using a fake account to slam other social media users.

The 'Yesu Nakupenda' hitmaker warned fans against the fake user, 'Rosee Muhando', on TikTok, clarifying that her social media handles are 'Malkia Rose Muhando'.

"Hii ndio akaunti yangu ya TikTok. Puuzieni hizo akaunti zingine zinazosambaza taarifa za ovyo nakudai kwamba ni mimi. Nawaomba sana mpuuzie taarifa yoyote itakayotolewa na akaunt ingine tofauti na hii yangu. Ahsanteni sana na mbarikiwe sana."

This comes after the fake account shared a video of Pastor T, who was talking about how Muhando lost her star.

The account wrote "Huyu Pastor na alaaniwe, ameninenea vibaya sana," Rose Muhando wrote. 

In the viral video, Mr T was giving a sermon on Rose Muhando's failure after signing a deal with a record label.

"They signed contracts but they did not know they signed life. There is a gospel artiste from TZ who was signed by Sony. She was big, now she is trying to come back, it is difficult."

Adding, "She has been through all kinds of deliverance but nothing. She had started a music revival in Tanzania, she signed a deal with Sony Records and she went silent. She is trying to come back, but we do not recognise her."

"She thought it was a deal of fame but it was her destiny being held. And at the time she was at the top of the charts," Mr T said. 

The preacher, who was known by his music stage name Mr T, now identifies himself as Pastor T Mwangi. 

He has been giving hard-hitting and controversial sermons in his church.