Podcast woos youth to agribusiness

The first episodes will be out next month, says Markup Kenya

In Summary

• The first season will consist of 12 episodes on specific value chains in 12 counties

Mazao Talks hosts
Mazao Talks hosts
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With support from the EU, Markup Kenya is excited to announce a partnership with podcast producing company SemaBox to create and produce a podcast series called Mazao Talks

The first season, whose initial episodes will be out next month, will focus on agribusiness development for the youth in 12 counties where the project is implemented.

The podcast aims to connect listeners with Markup Kenya through stories of ordinary people whom they can identify with.

The national coordinator for the Markup Kenya Project said they are excited to engage with Kenya’s young people.

"The future of this country relies on our ability to produce food at scale."

Singer and SemaBox CEO Dan Aceda said podcasting is the best space to curate important conversations and to have them easily distributed online to the people who you want to participate.

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