Kamene’s strict parents ruined her

They only loosened up after she and siblings became adults

In Summary

• Kamene said the minute she got her freedom, she went crazy

Kiss FM's Kamene Goro
Kiss FM's Kamene Goro
Image: Courtesy

Kiss FM's Kamene and Jalas had a conversation on the impact strict parenting has had on their lives.

Kamene said her parents ruined her by being strict with her.

"The minute I got freedom, I just went crazy. Ndio maana niliharibika. Ni hawa wasee, my parents and their strictness ruined me. If they were not strict on me, I would not be as rebellious as I am."

She said her parents only loosened up after they (Kamene and siblings) became adults.

Looking at the cons of being a strict parent, Jalas said the moment you are released, you want to try things out.

"It is like you are from a prison. So you want to try everything, you want to drink, you want to smoke and have sex."

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