DJ Pierra Makena can’t keep a lazy man

He should come with his own wealth and be able to cook when she's away

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• Pierra said it's unfair for anyone to want to be kept without providing

DJ Pierra Makena
DJ Pierra Makena
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DJ Pierra Makena says she is interested in hardworking men.

Speaking with SPM Buzz at the listening party of Alikiba's 'Only One King' album, Pierra said it's unfair for anyone to want to be kept without providing.

"I do not have time for dating men who want to be kept. I only date mature, hardworking men," she said, adding that wealth sharing empowers her as a woman.

"There is a generation that is coming that wants easy things. It's not fair for someone else to work for you. I believe in coming with my things and the man bringing his things and then we share.

"There are such people but I do not have time for such. I can smell a rat from far."

On the type of man she would want, Pierra said she does not only look at the physical appearance.

"I just want someone who can speak to your heart. He has to be thin, good looking, clean and smells good."

Pierra advised women not to let modernisation influence them to assume that there are specific roles for specific genders.

"Gender roles come automatically. I can't just sit at home and wait for my man to come to cook when he comes home from work. If I am not around, he can cook," she said.

"If I am at home, I will cook. Some things are generally for women. Keeping a man clean, he can do the same for me but differently, for example, buying me a new cloth. If I can do something, why should I let him do it?."

Pierra is raising her five-year-old daughter, Pokot.

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