Naiboi: I cannot release my songs

He says his hands are tied, wants to sue those holding him back

In Summary

• Naiboi has been quiet since he released 'Black' in September 2020

Image: Moses Mwangi

Singer Naiboi has explained to his fans why he has not been releasing music consistently like before.

He last released 'Black' in September 2020.

In a post on Instagram, the '2 in 1' hitmaker alleged that some external forces have been diminishing his progress.

"All I ever wanted is to release music for my fans. And najua mafans wana shangaa what's up with A Naiboi," he wrote.

"My hands been tied for almost two years now." 

Naiboi is thinking of suing. "I am tired of being at the mercy of these people. I might need serious lawyers. I am at my end," he said.

"I keep everything to myself a lot. I love music so much it hurts me I have over 800 songs and I can't release even a single one."