Zari says impersonators using her details to con

She said she does not do forex trade or go around asking for money

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• Zari shared a video warning her fans against the conmen

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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Diamond's ex-girlfriend Zari Hassan has alerted her fans about people using her image and name to con them.

Zari shared a video warning her fans against the conmen.

"I don't do trade or forex and I don't go around asking for money to do my charity events," she said.

"There is nothing like Zari Foundation asking for financial aid to go and help the orphanages."

She also dismissed rumours doing the rounds that she runs a travel agency.

She said conmen are behind those adverts, using her face to scam people.

"I don't take people abroad. There is an advert with my face asking people to send money because Zari takes people abroad. I don't do such stuff," she said.

"There are a lot of people who have been scammed but it always comes back to me because it is my face being used. It is not me."

"Block and report those pages and stay away from such activities. Don't believe them."

Zari earlier on had ranted about a person who sent her e-mails, threatening to sue over what they said was fraud.

They were allegedly conned by a person who impersonated Zari.