Ben Kitili and wife Amina met at Tribeka

In Summary
  • Amina and Ben got married in 2018 after a three-year engagement
  • They briefly separated last year
Ben Kitili
Ben Kitili

Amina Mude and husband Ben Kitili met at Tribeka.

The famous Nairobi club was located at the junction of Kimathi Street and Banda Street; it was closed last year.

The mother of two said this in a Q and A session on her Instagram page.

A follower asked Amina how her family reacted to Ben as the two come from different religious backgrounds. She's Muslim, he's Christian.

"How did your family accept Ben? My dad got angry and doesn't even want to hear about us, even after my hubby agreed to convert," the fan wrote.

Amina encouraged the woman to be patient.

"Give it time, it took five years for our families to be on the same page. Give it time and support each other. Prayers work, nothing is impossible.

"Life has challenges but we learn from mistakes, make wiser decisions."

Amina and Ben got married in 2018 after a three-year engagement. They briefly separated last year.