Stop cursing poor artistes, says MC Jessy

He is running for Meru governor to help other artistes

In Summary

• Although most creatives have gone digital, they still do not get 100 per cent, he said

Comedian MC Jessy
Comedian MC Jessy
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Jasper Muthomi, alias MC Jessy, has asked Kenyans to stop cursing artistes who ask for help from Kenyans.

Speaking during the launch of Chipukeezy Foundation, Jessy said most artistes have no source of income.

"You have seen comedians asking for help. Please stop insulting them. Covid came and everyone went digital. We knew the future is digital but not that fast."

Jessy explained that although most of the creatives have gone digital, they still do not get 100 per cent.

"You pay to watch my content on YouTube but before I get that money, there is someone in between," he said.

"That needs government for it to change so that artistes can make us get it 100 per cent."

Jessy, who earlier on announced he will be on the ballot box for Meru governor in the next general election, said he is doing it to help other artistes.

"To reduce the cases of comedians asking for help. You will see some of us wanting to vie for those seats. We sent some, they have tried but not yet there," he said.

Jessy said although some have manoeuvred to be where they are, it has taken years.

"We started at Churchill and we never used to be paid. Not that Churchill refused to give us money but he did not have it. We held onto his dream and believed in it," he said.

"He was not the funniest in the world but God used him to help us get to where we are."