King Kaka tackles GBV with ‘Diana’ series

It is a call to action against the rising trend of gender-based violence

In Summary

• The nine-part music series will run between one and four minutes per episode

Actor Robert Agengo, Michelle Ntalami and King Kaka
Actor Robert Agengo, Michelle Ntalami and King Kaka
Image: Courtesy

King Kaka has released a new music series called 'Diana' that will exclusively feature on Safaricom digital platform Baze.

Diana will be a nine-part music series running between 1:20 to four minutes per episode.

The musical is about your typical Nairobian girl, who loves a good time and the usual meeting here and there.

Diana (Michelle Ntalami) meets and falls for a guy (King Kaka) at a party and a romantic relationship ensues.

Unbeknownst to him, Diana is already in a relationship with one of his friends, Alvin (Robert Agengo).

Upon learning this, King Kaka tries to end the relationship. However, Diana is not willing to let it go.

The conflict escalates, ending in a violent scenario where the audience is left wondering who Diana will violently get rid of in the end.

Speaking about the song, Kaka said the Diana Series tackles the societal issues surrounding gender-based violence and how it has become rampant over the past few years.

"The series covers multiple layers surrounding the GBV discussion," he said.

With the rise in GBV, he said, it's important to promote education on such abuse to reduce the stigma of victimisation within the community.

"We all have a responsibility to take collective action against harmful gender and social norms and to empower both men and women to recognise, address and prevent acts of gender-based violence."

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