Eunice features worship singer Mukhwana in 'Kiu'

It urges people to read the Bible to understand the despair caused by Covid

In Summary

• The song came to her at a time she was going through some personal challenges

Ali Mukhwan with Eunice Kemunto
Ali Mukhwan with Eunice Kemunto
Image: courtesy

Gospel singer Eunice Kemunto has released 'Kiu' featuring worship singer Ali Mukhwana.

Speaking to Word Is, the Canada-based singer said the inspiration for the song came to her at a time when she was going through some personal challenges.

"Kiu was born out of a prayer to God, asking Him to show me His will and His ways," she said.

"Many times we experience challenges that we may call the desert. Maybe it’s dryness in ministry or family or financial challenges. In this desert, we do thirst for a touch from our Lord. Drinking from Him is the best thing figuratively."

She added that speaking His intervention is all we need to turn our challenges around.

"My testimony is that as I depended on Him and sought Him deeper, I experienced hope, healing and transformation. He can do the same for any and all who thirst (seek) for Him."

Ali Mukhwana said the song is about the desire to know God more.

"The thirst for God and His word will reveal more of what is in store for us as believers."

He added that the inspiration to write the song came as a result of the season we are in.

"Covid-19 has brought to us confusion and hopelessness, and the song is a call upon us to want to know God more by reading His word and living it," he said.

"When we do this we shall get to know his intention for us in this season and all that is happening around us shall be revealed."

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