Why actress Njambi hid her first pregnancy

She only disclosed it to her mother at five months, dad at seven

In Summary

• She got her first child during her last semester in campus, while she was studying law

Actress Njambi
Actress Njambi
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Actress Njeri Gachomba, alias Njambi, of 'Real House Helps of Kwangware', says being a mum at 23 was tough.

The mother of three got her first child during her last semester in campus, while she was studying law.

Speaking during an interview with Picha Clear, Njambi said she did not want her parents to know she was expectant.

"It reached a point I had to tell my parents. I told my mum I was expectant at five months," she said.

"She was very shocked and it took her a minute to comprehend I was going to be a mum. Luckily for me, my baby daddy accepted to take responsibility and he accompanied me to go break the news to my mum.

"My dad was a tough man so I took a few more months to tell him. I felt like I let my dad down as he had always advised me to have a career before getting babies."

Njambi's dad told her never to step into his house again.

"It was my lowest moment as he told me to also not refer to him as my dad. From month seven, my dad and I never talked, we only talked after I gave birth. My dad called me after I gave birth. I just cried after receiving his call."

She said she regrets that she was not there during her daughter's first months and years.

"My regret in life is not being there for Tamara. I was not there when she said her first words, when she crawled. I was busy and also a party 'animal'. I would go and leave the baby," she said.

"I remember there is a day my baby daddy woke me up just so we could go party."