Why Zari's Dark Stallion is not on social media

Some people are 'low-key and drama-free' to avoid cyberbullying

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• The pair were spotted hanging out together after reports that they had broken up

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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Diamond's baby Mama Zari Hassan says her Dark Stallion bae is private.

Zari was responding to a social media user identified as Mary Wairimu, who said Zari and Dark Stallion were no longer an item.

This comes a few days after Zari and her Dark Stallion were spotted hanging out together after reports that they had broken up.

Zari explained that he is not on social media.

"Let me break it down for you. You are used to men you can Google and bully when it suits you. When it’s someone you don’t know or Google about, then it’s a problem," she said.

She added that for her current man, there is little information known about him on social media.

"Some people are low-key, some people are drama-free, some people don’t want any of your bullshit. I guess that bothers you. Who is he? What does he do? Where does he come from? Who are his exes? So we can stalk and bully them. What car does he drive?" she wrote.

"You are bullies and guess what, there’s no info about this one and that’s what's perturbing you. Move along, if you think he is my driver, I’m glad. Let him stay a driver so y’all can rest your cases."

This comes days after Zari hinted that she had ended her relationship with Dark Stallion, the man she introduced as her lover in 2021.

A crosscheck on her Instagram shows she has deleted all the photos she ever took with him after she insinuated that she had to let him go because they were not building each other in any way.