Libby Ndambo presents love ballad 'I do'

Trust God to help you find love when the time is right, she says

In Summary

• It is about experiencing the love of Christ through marriage

Libby Ndambo
Libby Ndambo

Fast-rising gospel singer Libby Ndambo has released her new single, 'I do', which celebrates love and marriage.

"One of God's desires for his children is that we can spend the rest of our lives experiencing the love of Christ through marriage,” she said in a statement.

“When I found that love that emulates Christ's love for the church, I chose to commit to that love with all my heart, mind and soul,” Libby said.

"My hope and prayer through this song is you will not only celebrate the love you have (for those who are married) but also trust God to bring that kind of love when the time is right."

The lyrics are a blend of marriage vows and a celebration of the journey of love and commitment to your partner through ups and downs.