Former Kenyan journalist set to vie for German seat

Win or lose, Terry Atieno will make history as black immigrant candidate

In Summary

• She calls Germany her second home as she has lived there for 17 years

Terry Atieno with ODM leader Raila Odinga
Terry Atieno with ODM leader Raila Odinga

Former journalist Terry Atieno, alias 'Proud Chocolate', is eyeing a political seat abroad in September this year.

Terry used to be a radio presenter at Royal Media’s Ramogi FM and owns an online podcast in Germany.

She expressed her interest in running for a seat in her town/county assembly in Buxtehude Stade District in Hamburg, Germany.

"I'm going to face it all. Hate and support, but I am ready for it all," she wrote on Instagram, adding that God has chosen her.

"I am trying it out. Whether I fail or pass, I’ll still be on the books as one of the black immigrants who tried a hand in leadership out here in the western world."

Speaking to Word Is, Terry said she is contesting in Germany since it’s her second home.

"With 17 years of living abroad, I know too well where the shoes hurt when it comes to the diaspora plights and cries. I am seeing an opportunity for growth even for myself both in leadership and education. I want to study governance and politics."

She said her mum is her number one supporter and criticiser.

"She is my biggest inspiration. I'm glad this is happening while she still can read and hear. Singer Suzanna Owiyo has largely held my hand as well."

In 2017, she did live coverage of all campaigns events in Nyanza and Nairobi at her expense, but left the country a sad girl.

"I have also done a lot to place Luo music where it is now on the global platform. Germany has given me a chance once again after letting me be at home here."

Her message to youths who want to join politics is for them to dare to dream as where there is a will, there is a way.